Thursday, May 26, 2011

James Perse Malibu

James Perse Malibu. I took this picture while shopping for cupcakes next door.

Check out my old Maxfield story, and don't forget that James Perse is the son of the Maxfield's owner, Tommy Perse. Even their stores look like father and son.

I hope James Perse won’t sue me for this one. No, James Perse t-shirts do not actually talk, except on this blog. This is the place where clothes have a voice, and stand up for themselves.

Welcome to my closet, plain white James Perse t-shirt that costs $50. All my other plain tshirts feel already intimidated, but this day had had to come. I mean, how many times can you enter a store without buying something?

All the plain tshirts in my closet are wondering. What does he have that we don’t? We are all plain cotton tshirts, why is James Perse tshirt so expensive. So, they decided to do a revolt against the James Perse tshirt.

A plain H&M tshirt was the leader:
“We don’t see the difference between us and this James Perse t-shirt. We don’t want to be worn anymore… I suppose it will last 10 times more than we do, because it’s so expensive.”
“Common, T-shirts. It’s not that I bought this Balmain t-shirt. Be friendly.”
But they wouldn’t listen and they decided to strike.

Which is fine. I really like wearing tshirts with jeans, so I didn’t have any other option than wearing the James Perse tshirt over and over again. The result? It broke like any other tshirt, got old pretty quickly after a few washes and I decided to make it a sleeping tshirt.
Lucky me, the regular tshirts decided to end the strike and accepted to be worn again.
The lesson: sometimes we can live without designer labels. When the label is more important than the actual item, we need to think twice about the reason behind our purchase. 

James Perse Ad in Malibu Magazine.
James Perse credit ( I guess).

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