Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of Jumpers and Rompers... say again?!

Do you know the difference between a Jumper and a Romper? If you don't, keep reading.
Summer is here, and other than beautiful dresses, what else do I buy? Jumpers and Rompers. I know, I am confused myself, and all the jumpers and the rompers that I have are sitting quietly in my closet, waiting to be worn.

This is a Jumper.
It's made by Gypsy 05, a LA brand that I like. Check them out, do some shopping. They have a cool homepage where you will be welcomed by a lot of pigs, lambs and other animals from the Zoo.

And this is a Romper.
Still Gypsy 05.
See the difference?

In my opinion, the Jumpers and Rompers to have this summer are from Young, Fabulous and Broke and T-Bags.

Mine are still in the closet, being bored and asking to be taken out.

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