Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Domestic Internet Princesses

Photo : heidiklum.aol.com

New York Times' style blog, The Cut, mentioned this new site, Heidi Klum's channel on Aol. The description:"part GOOP, part Oprah".

What doesn't Heidi Klum do?

Aside of having a perfect family and I don't know how many kids( a lot), she is a producer and host of Project Runway and Next Top Model in Germany, has a jewelry line and a clothing line, was a Victoria Secret angel and... enough is enough, let some other women do something too and take a vacation, Heidi.

Why I mention this is because of the tag The Cut used for this article: Domestic Internet Princesses.

Can I be a Domestic Internet Princess too?

I will take a picture of my outfit every day too, like Heidi.

Anyway, check out her site and learn things about hair, makeup, relationships, fitness and nutrition.

What else did you think?

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