Saturday, May 21, 2011

News in the World of Shoes

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Anja Rubik is looking pretty skinny these days.
As we all know, she is the face of Giuseppe Zanotti ( lucky girl) and... that's all, I really don't know much else about her except that she is Polish( and I like that too.)
I didn't post any Cannes pictures because I am sure you've seen the dresses on about every fashion website and you have your own opinions by now. Like, Angelina should have worn another color or Eva Herzigova wore shorts about giving birth last month. What I just told you are also known as entertainment news.
The Emilio Pucci blue ostrich dress is really pretty.
 I posted the picture mostly for the shoes.
A collaboration between Giuseppe Zanotti and Chopard, the pink satin heels boasted 22 carats of diamonds, 199 carats of pink sapphires and 134 carats of rubellites all strung on rose gold chains. And were sold for about $200,000 at auction. Now, this is what I am calling expensive shoes.

Not that I want them.
I would rather have the ostrich dress. I will find some shoes at Target to match. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I didn't even recognize her. She looked cuter a little more plump, but as long as she is healthy and feels good about herself, it's her choice! I have some pis and a bit about her on my site, somewhere in my archives for Jan. Good for you by posting something different, the ostrich dress is definitely cute - reminds me a bit of Chanel 2011, but better and Oscar de la Renta 2012!

    Good luck with the shoe thrift find,
    Tallulah Doll