Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isabel Marant pink shorts

Pink Shorts on Gisele
Pink Shorts by themselves

I like Isabel Marant. I really do. She actually makes wearable things. With a price tag.

I really like these pink shorts. They are $220 and they are sold out.

Reasons why to buy these shorts:

1.Gisele wears them in the ad.

2.Other fashionistas wear them.

3.They look like bubble gum.

Reasons why not to buy these shorts:

1.They are $220.

2.They are not long enough to offer possible cellulite protection.

3.It’s something that will be out of fashion by next summer. Isabel Marant will come up with other shorts idea.

4.I don’t have Gisele’s legs.

5.I am not tan enough and I refuse to get tan.

6.H&M or Zara will make the exact shorts any day now, in the same color. For about $40. All you need is patience.

7.I am not tall enough and I refuse to wear platforms with these shorts while shopping at Super Care.

8.My social activities do not require a pink pair of shorts. I can always wear them sea glass hunting on Malibu Road but I doubt it will help me find more glass.

9.They are sold out and I hope they stay like this.

10. I can’t think of a reason nr.10 but I am sure it’s out there. Suggestions welcome.

3-10 Decision Made.

1 comment:

  1. Reason number 10: Red velvet cupcakes equals more happiness than pink shorts in long run!