Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coral Story

Welcome to my wardrobe Miss Coral Coralina. She is a linen resort dress, made by the Los Angeles based company Splendid.

Miss Coral Coralina is very happy with her new home. I might even send her in a business trip to Tahiti, with my girlfriend. She could get photographed there also. Some dresses have the best life… until they are abandoned and forgotten. You are a novelty, and then a new dress comes in your wardrobe and Miss Coral Coralina is history.

I guess you have to enjoy it while it lasts, and make the best out of it. So Miss Coral Coralina, the clock is ticking, but you are the flavor of the moment.

Speaking of waiting lists( as you know, well informed reader, I am on the waiting list at the Malibu Missoni store for Havaianas)... 
I can also be on a waiting list to have this Chanel ring for only $88 a month. I mean, to borrow it. It would go well with my dress. But, why in the world would I want to borrow a ring from a website? Let along place myself on a waiting list first. Seriously? Can the person that is currently borrowing this ring please contact me and explain to me the reasons behind her/his decision? 
Thank you.

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