Monday, February 7, 2011


Welcome to Maxfield!
Come in, don't be scared! I'm not the Devil, I am just a puppet.
Should we or shouldn't we?

Ok, so we are here at Cross Creek Malibu right now and we step into the forbidden land: Maxfield.
Maxfield is so high-end, I think they invented the term high-end. You can totally spend one month’s rent on a tshirt. Or 3 months. Or a year’s, depending on your location. Or you can save for a lifetime and still afford nothing. A plain tshirt can be as much as the GPA of… let’s think, there are so many to choose from… let’s say Cote D’Ivoire. I bet you thought they are rich, they kind of have a cool name.
I love this Balmain’s tshirt instructions:

Blue silk chain detail top by Balmain. This v-neck sleeveless top has gold chain detail at the neck..

Item ID : 10057982

Composition :
silk : 100 %

Other Information :
washing instructions : don't wash/don't dry clean/don't tumble dry

Ok, that means you are supposed to do what with it, after wearing it out for one night ? Any ideas?
We love that Maxfields has a bodyguard at the door. I don’t totally get it, but it looks kind of intimidating so I guess that’s his purpose.
Daniela: Let’s go in.
Me: We can’t buy anything anyway.
Daniela: Let’s just look.
Me: Ok.
Bodyguard: I know you don’t have buying intentions. I can sense it.Go in anyway, I don’t have the authority to stop you.
We: Thank you Bodyguard.
We totally recommend Maxfield if you are a famous actress, a desperate housewife and … that’s about all. Who else? Let us know if you are out there and shopped at Maxfield, we would love to hear what dry cleaning you use.

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