Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Complexity and Simplicity
--both with leather

As watches that can be worn daily regardless of dress or atmosphere, Cartier can provide a timepiece par excellence, or one simpliste. As illustrated, the above watch demonstrates the former. Make no doubt about it, the Tortue is a piece of horology that is truly deserving of the "Grand Complication" moniker. Its sweeping date hand and perpetual calendar only add the the intricacy of its inception. For many, it might be simply too complex a watch. For instance, can you imagine looking down at that for the time every day? After all, the thing just constricts one's wrist.

In stark contrast is the Santos 100 L. This watch is ameliorative in its simplicity. You wear it; you look at it from time to time; you are told the time--nothing more. To be certain, it's an exercise in stark efficiency and elegance. It is, simply, a timepiece. The two watches could not be more different.

What makes them unique, though, is the comfortable nonchalance that the black leather band affords both. Whatever the flamboyance; whatever the "statement", the restrained, deferential carrier gives both watches approachability and confidence that lends itself well to an informal, formal, or decadent situation. 

In summary: both watches are vastly different playing fields in terms of affordability, but one thing makes them play on a level ball-field. Versatile watches call for versatile occasions. This is a demonstration of how two vastly different ones can both get the girl on the dancefloor.

In conclusion, One should always opt for the Timex IRONMAN™.

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