Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Curl or not to Curl

I have days when I hate my hair. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I had two options: schedule a haircut with my stylist in Venice or put some rollers on overnight and hope for the best.
I love having long hair, it seems that you have more options in life. So, I went for the rollers, I bought some pillow rollers from CVS, $12.95.

And, it wasn’t that bad. My dreams were out of ordinary and I didn't sleep great, but this is a small inconvenience for a great result.
So, before you cut off your hair, try a change. Some mousse and pillow rollers are a great option for lazy people like me, that don’t have much patience with curlers. Of course, your loved one might object, so you know better how much you can get away with.
“Please don’t cut me. I will do my best to look nice tomorrow. I hate being cut. It hurts.”
“No it doesn’t, Hair. You are lying. I want some bangs and some layers, you look like a broom every day lately, I will need to cut you.”
“But you can’t. Please. Why don’t you try the Marrocan Oil? I like it, it makes me feel soft. And some rollers. Please, anything but a cut.

“I thought you don’t like rollers. Last time you told me you feel nauseous.”
“I will take anything over a haircut. Please don’t. Let this be my Christmas present, don’t hurt me for awhile. Put the Bed Head After Party on, it really works.”

“Fine, I will give you a chance, you’d better look decent in the morning or I will chop you off”.

Poor Hair, the threat worked because in the morning the hair had a Victoria Secret vibe.
So, curly hair is fun. Try. You will need: shampoo and conditioner of your choice. Mousse of your choice. Pillow rollers. Marrocan Oil to make your hair smell great, and add some Bed Head After Party at the ends to make it smell even better.

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