Monday, January 10, 2011

Of colors

    The dress that didn't get to go to the party

As I am slowly but surely working on my clothing line, I keep thinking about colors. What colors should I use? Do I even like colors? Do other people like colors?I love bright colors when other people are wearing them… When I wear something bright, I feel like I have a huge flash light on me, right above my head, at any given time. So I prefer wearing neutrals and at least being able to make the decision that I want attention or that I want to be invisible.
For example, I was getting ready going to this party in Beverly Hills the other night.
Red Dress— Do I really want to take the attention off the host? Red Dress—Out.
Green sequins top— Am I too shiny? Will I be the only one wearing green? Will I blend with the plants? Green top—Out.
Yellow dress, Blue Dress—Out and Out.
Jeans—to casual for the event. Even they are my saviors in any given moment.
I ended up wearing beige and black.
“So boring!” you think.
“But not at all.” I say.
Because none of the people at the party had any of these thoughts cross their mind. So there was a bright red dress, and green, yellow and so on, shine on… so, I ended up being the exception… and simplicity is never boring, I think. As Leonardo says “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Da Vinci, not Di Caprio.

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