Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate.

This is The Delboeuf Illusion. It is an optical illusion of relative size perception. Pretty simple, yes?
Now imagine food portions instead of the black circles. Yes, I could have made some food and taken pictures on it on different sizes plates... but, it's good to use your imagination from time to time. Imagine, let's say, some chicken and fries. Seeing the first plate, you would think " I will need more, this is not enough". In a smaller plate, "This is a lot of food, I will be fed with this."

This is what Dr. Brian Wansink discovered, and you can read this and more in his book " Mindless eating".Here is the website. 
Optical illusion leads us to make inaccurate estimates of serving size, depending on what the size of the plate.  The more "white space" around the circle, the smaller it appears and you feel you need more.
Sizes in US are so much bigger than the ones in Europe. No wonder so many people are overweight. I don't think this alone will make people lose weight, but it's a start. Start using smaller plates.

What you serve on these small plates, this is another story.
Try this:

Levitating Burger

See more and buy the $625 cooking book, Modernist Cuisine, here. 

You can place this in a small plate also. And eat guilt-free.

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