Friday, January 6, 2012

TED talk of the day

I was thinking what to write on my blog. I like writing about fashion and posting pictures of pretty dresses and jewelry, but I am a grown up and I can't do that every day.

So, I was looking through my hundreds of bookmarks so I thought I will share some of them with my readers. My readers mostly get to this blog because they type "Miro" into Google. Well, maybe I should have made a blog about Joan Miro, or at least posted more pictures of his work. I might, so that the hundreds of Miro fans that land here won't be totally disappointed.

Until then, one of my favorite videos from TED, about how this 14 year old kid from Malawi built a windmill from spare parts, in order to generate electricity for his home. If he could do that, what stops you to ( )? You can fill up the blanks at your leisure.

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