Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cafe Press-- Vogue part 1

This month’s US Vogue has 758 pages, with lots of expensive advertising and lots of interesting articles that will make you younger, better looking and skinnier. They might even add a few points to your IQ. Let’s see.

I had a moment in my life when I wanted to write for Vogue magazine… I would have been something like Lauren Santo Domingo (the girl that never washes her hair by herself), but it wasn’t in the cards for me. My one of a kind article was rejected by the almighty Anna Wintour, my dreams were crashed and that was that.

So, today I decided to be a Vogue writer anyway, for their September issue.
The most important issue of the year, the articles would be nothing but… brilliant.
Let’s see what we find.

As some of you know, English is not my first language so I might be missing some language nuances here, but here we go.

First page, Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume Ad. Great, means they paid the most money for advertising. And I don’t think I will be buying the perfume, they could have put a sample in instead of just pics.

Prada- The girls are wearing some helmets and look like they are on xanax

Photo credit-- Steven Meisel

Dior Ad- Marion Cottilard wearing a Dior bag and a jacket that looks Chanel-y to me. Pour quoi faire ca, Marion?

Ralph Lauren again- a really ugly ad, too much red and green. Why? I understand that they are complementary colors, but still you could have done better. I could have made a better campaign for less than 1000$, model included.

Modern Mercury for Estee Lauder- Seriously, is this the best makeup you can do, Estee Lauder MUA? And I supposed you charged about $10,000 for the shoot.

Photo credit-- Estee Lauder

Gucci- Sleepwalking Zombies, my opinion at least.

Photo Credit-- Gucci

Lancome new Serum—“Discover why one out of two women would postpone a cosmetic procedure.”
Oh no!  

Fendi—Is she really painting in that ad? She is way too clean to be painting.
Great makeup, the Estee Lauder people should give Fendi people a call.

Photo Credit-- Fendi

To be continued... we are going to get into the articles next.

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