Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where to go and what to buy.

This was the initial name of this blog. Pretty obvious why. But, because I can’t buy everything that I want ( unfortunately), I guess I can share with the world my findings.
Etsy is my latest finding. I knew about it, but I was reluctant to buy so called “home-made jewelry.” I needed my purchases to come in a bag that said Fred Segal, Planet Blue… Cartier sounds good also, but let’s not exaggerate.
But, guess what. Lots of these jewelry designers buy things on ebay, revitalize some pieces and here it is, the brand new jewelry that you are going to buy at Fred Segal for at least four times more than the cost. Why 4? Because the designer sells it wholesale to the store, normally double their cost. The store marks it up at least 2-2.5 times, and then you (the fashionista) come and buy it.
Of course, we have housewives on Etsy that put two beads on a string and call themselves jewelry designers. But, guess what? You don’t have to buy that. You can find really unique pieces, that are not marked up 4 times or more and that have an ingredient that I bet De Beers diamonds don’t have: Love.
So, if somebody wants to gift me any type of diamond, I will need to decline it. I can get the money instead and do some Etsy shopping and donate money to Amnesty International to put a stop to Blood Diamonds. Enjoy my Etsy Findings.
I love the Leather- Pearls Combination.
 Statement Necklace that can take any outfit out of anonymity.
I love the Blue Stone.
Both Vintage and Modern in One Piece

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