Monday, November 22, 2010

Lanvin & HM

No, this is not a review of this collaboration. I am not such an expert and no, I am not one of the top five bloggers that were invited to the event.
I could have been, if I had figured out to do a blog in 2007 instead of 2010—end of 2010, stepping into 2011. I am self-involved enough to take pictures of myself every day.
My experience with Lanvin Loves HM goes like this.
Saturday, the 20th.
Me, at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles.
12 noon.
Looking for the directory. (I hate malls)
Seeing the HM sign.
Excuse-me, where is the Lanvin collection?
In the back.
Thank you.
Walking through the store trying to figure out where the back is.
Hello, excuse-me, where are the Lanvin dresses?
There are all sold out. People were here in the line at 5am.
But you open at 10.
I know.
Me=Sad=In shock. Looking at the leftovers. There was nothing, no tshirts with happy faces on them, no yellow dresses with distressed edges. NOTHING. There were voices in my head:” You stupid, of course it will sell out. You could have woken up at 4am like everybody else.”
Me :”But it was raining, one of the only days in LA when it rains”.
Voices:”Well, I guess the hundreds of people before you that got the dresses weren’t bothered by a little bit of rain”.
Me:”I know.”
Sad and Defeated, I was heading to the door. When, The Miracle happened.
“Would you like this dress? It’s not my size.”
It was a real person talking to me, not voices anymore.
“Yes. Of Course. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. Are you serious?”
She was gone. I was holding The Dress. It was the black version of the yellow one with ruffles. It was mine. Two sizes bigger, but who cares.
But, the dresses hungry women around me, came to ask for it.
“I want it, if it doesn’t fit you”.
“Give it to me, either way.”
Angry looks.
I was scared. I felt like in a zombie movie. Lanvin eating Monsters.
I paid for it without even trying it on. I can fix it. I know how to fix things. Or I will just get fat. Either way, the dress is mine and I will copy the pattern and make 10 more in each color, and they will all be mine. Mine Mine Mine. Sorry Alber. You should have made more. 

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